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Easy Loans
For Self-Driven Women In India

NAANDii is the first of its kind fin-tech platform that aims to resolve the financial accessibility problems faced by the self-driven, working women of our nation, by bringing together, technology, micro-finance & existing social touch-points at the grassroots levels.

NAANDii promises empowerment of each & every working woman in the nation by offering them adequate financial and business scale-up support so that they may live their lives on their terms and rise with pride.

Using the app and by associating with the community we’re building simultaneously, our dear NAANDiis can receive better loan options alongside effective financial consultation.

The Vision

Improving the participation of females in the Indian economy by spreading awareness about financial independence and increasing financial accessibility using technological solutions.

Create a positive impact on the country’s economy and also improve the financial inclusion quotient by digitally enabling women to avail adequate, affordable and appropriate business loans.

The Mission


NAANDii fuels the dreams of self-driven women from rural/semi-rural India. The app connects them with money lending firms thus enabling them to get financial assistance for the sake of independency and self-sustainability. The platform entails to 3 unique stakeholders.


The borrowers i.e. the working women from the nation get the following benefits.

Financial Literacy

Taking the first step isn’t easy. Let our community help you understand the Financial world with ease.

Financial Inclusion

Take your first step into the formal banking process with NAANDii. Our platform has been specially designed for Self Employed Women and Self-Help Groups.Financial world with ease.

Digital Wallet

Take control over your expenses and manage them in real time. Plan better and improve your credit rating.

Credit Card

No more frauds or tireless attempts are getting a personal credit line – keep your financial worries at bay.


The lenders i.e banks and other money lending firms get the following benefits.

Lead Generation

Get curated profiles for your lending products. Enhance your business by generating new leads and increasing your potential customer base.

AI Powered Risk-Assessment

Our unique AI powered engine helps you eradicate potential risks on the platform.

Financial, Physical & Legal Profile Verification

We do a 360 degree verification of individuals before on-boarding them using various touch-points, both digital & physical.

Cashless Dispersal, Loan Monitoring & Collection

Enabling the digital economy through a simplified digital system that’ll keep a track of your investments.


The connectors i.e the NGOs & SHGs get a great opportunity to bridge the gap between self-driven woman and their dreams.


Numerous NGOS involved with women empowerment projects get to expand their reach and interact with new individuals. Leads to better recognition.

Self-help Groups

Financial intermediary committees such as the Self-help groups are invited to be part of the process and help make a difference.

Women Welfare Associations

India houses numerous Women Welfare Association units. Such units are invited to participate in the process, thus bridging the gap between self-driven women and their financial needs.


Step 01

Our NAANDii’s are connected with a nearby listed NGO to assist them in downloading the app.

Step 02

Our downloaded, they sign-in the app by registering and validating all necessary credentials.

Step 03

Once all data is submitted, it will be validated with the Aadhar & CIBIL database prior to the reflection of the pre-sanctioned amount.

Step 04

At this step, our NAANDii’s will be entitled to withdrawing. that amounts to their bank account.

Step 05

The money will be sent by NBFC to our NAANDii’s bank account once the amount-disbursement is approved by the bank.

Step 06

Having done that, our NAANDii’s will receive an acknowledgement email and SMS informing about the successful loan disbursement.

Step 07

When all is said and done, our NAANDii’s can pay back the loan online or simply visit the connectors office and make the payment there as well.

Step 08

Finally, whence our NAANDii’s make the payment, their loan-account statement gets updated.


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